Guitarists: Are Men better than Women?

27 01 2011

Why are there so few famed female guitar players in the world? Is it because men are better or more capable physically? I THINK NOT!  Or is it, generally, that their natural approach to honing skills is different and more effective?

Here, I/We shall explore the difference between male and female guitar players OR for that matter, any occupation or skill that is traditionally viewed in society as a “man’s game”. I will share about my own discoveries on my journey to acheiving my goal in a male dominated arena.

Stay tuned for my first blog entry, followed by reccomendations and links for budding guitar players.




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27 01 2011

i think women tend to be overlooked because they stand out from the traditional all male band; capturing too much attention from some of the altar egos. women need to step up to the challenge and rock out.

29 01 2011

Very good point, Monique! I’ve actually heard from certain male musicians, that they’d prefer not to play in a band that has a front-woman because she usually gets all the attention. He said that in an all male group he felt like the “shine” among bandmates would be more even or even “fair”.

7 02 2011

I actually would embrace having female musicians involved with my band. I think its display to the world that we have unity of musicianship amongst one another. Not worried about shining, I do that without even focusing on it., I think it’s time for bands to both sexes in them..

3 12 2011

I think that in spite of the social progress, men are still more likely to be encouraged to study & play the styles of music that get then noticed. Rock, metal and all of the various genres that are loud, powerful, physical and/or “in your face”, are still considered “not lady-like.” No, you may not hear many people say that out loud, but women hear the directly stated or strongly implied message.

Also, if you go to music stores, guitar expos etc; the audience /target group is mostly male. ([I get my information from years of going to said music stores…] Seeing guys ‘talking shop’ and running down specs of gear can be intimidating to some women.

Want to take it a step further…ask the question about women bassists. I am a bass guitarist. That is a real shocker to some!

21 01 2012

I hear ya, Baassik. I have definitely experienced a few male jaws drop when I talk specs and gear right along side them. It’s interesting that people get so surprised about a female with a bass guitar or regular guitar.

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