**Gig Alert**

I’m playing lead guitar with goddess.complex at Littlefield in Brooklyn on Sunday Jan 15th at 9:00pm.

Details HERE


My mission is to enlighten people on the many female guitarist in the world and bring more light to us as a whole. I’d like to encourage those of us out there that have only had male role models in this particular field. It’s a shame that amazing female players don’t get more shine. I’ve performed several searches online for female guitarist during my own musical journey and have mostly found the focus to be on how “hot” she is as opposed to how she delivers as a musician. With this site, I will to provide resources for the self taught guitar player AND will also explorie the differences in how a male  and female rehearses and what motivates.


The “Disco” in my name, does not refer to the genre of disco music (though I have nothing against it).  It’s really all about the attitude. Funky – Free – Fun – Loving – Open.  The term disco reminds me to enjoy life to the fullest and cherish each moment.

A freelance guitarist and writer, I love all types of music and am constantly educating myself and training in my craft.  I aim to travel the world entertaining masses and empowering people to move toward their wildest dreams.  I am a reliable, open and loving soul – who’s word is her bond. I love all types of music and people. My friends tend to describe me as edgy, determined, unique.

I also write and coordinate for the popular NYC music blog http://www.FeastofMusic.com. Covering indie, rock and new music.

Seeking: A guitarist position for local and touring projects

Recent Projects:

Sky D and LeGrange Evolution (Rock/Funk) – vocals/2nd guitar

goddess.complex (Hard Rock/Funk) – Lead Guitar

The What 4 (Pop-abilly) – 2nd guitar

Other occasional freelance guitar opportunities: Sweet Fuzzy Itsy Bitsy (experimental/jazz/metal),  My dad’s church


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