Meet Michelle! I was her drummer this weekend. HA!

23 11 2011

Ok so I’m going through this major transition right now in my life that had me feel much less grounded than I usually am.  So this past weekend, I accepted the invitation to a sweat lodge weekend retreat with Big Heart Circle at Ashokan Center in New York. I had never been to anything like this before and I’m SO glad I chose to go.

“What is this major transition,” you’re probably asking?  Well…. I’m leaving my nice cushy stable J.O.B. of 4 years and diving back full force into the freelance/entreprenurial world – with full intent of filling my life with guitar gigs.  I have intensified my study and training to prepare for January 1st — which is when my transition is official.

I gained some incredible things out of this weekend.  Besides detoxing, I was able to connect with the elements of mother earth in a new way. In remembering that we are all ONE — once we break everything down to molecules and atoms, I bathed my feet in the grass/mud and breathed in the majestic icy air near Winchell’s Falls and mentally pictured mother nature flowing up through my fingers when I play guitar.  I’ll never forget it.  Though I didn’t play guitar at all during this retreat, when I returned to the city, my playing had noticeably improved because of it.

And during the weekend, I was so thrilled to have met Michelle Christine Garza, who had brought her guitar along and frequents the Big Heart Cirle community. She’s the type of person you just fall in love with immediatley. She’s so open hearted and talented.  She has the voice of a sweet bird and plays a finger style guitar that melts any soul.  She writes these spiritual tribute songs to life and nature and really makes a difference wherever she shares her talent. And the extra cool thing is, she writes and sings in quite a few different languages and even if you don’t know the language, you still understand.  Music truly trancends any language barrier.  Here’s her link.   I had brought my djembe drum along for the trip so it was awesome to be able to accompany Michelle on a few songs after the lodge in the Pewter House.  Joining with her, I felt like I was traveling to another land in drumming trance. And I knew everything was going to be okay.

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