Female Guitarist Feature: Felicia Collins from Letterman

1 11 2011

For the last 3 to 5 years, I’ve been doing google searches to find out WHO in heck the world believes are the greatest female guitarist EVER!!! (Dramatic music here)
Well it seems to me that many people only recognize the shredders. The super flashy, super fast, finger cutting type guitar playing that happens for about 30 seconds or less of any song out there. Now don’t get me wrong, I love to hear skillfull shredding, especially if it’s full of funk but I happen to be mesmerized by skillful comp’ing AND inventive personal style when it comes to rythm players. I’m still on the search for my own personal favorite female player though. It sucks how most of the names listed are women from decades ago, who still aren’t nearly as recognized as the many popular male guitar legends out there. What I wanna know is… which females out there are bringin’ the funk and soul? Yes of course, the plan is for me to fill that role but in the spirit of love and cooperation, I’m on the search for predecessors that I can honor and pay homage to.

Felicia Collins

Here’s one woman that discovered while on a trip for work to the Letterman Show¬†. Her name is, Felicia Collins. I have to admit, I was wayyy more excited about hanging with my co-workers than actually seeing the show since I had never really watched it. I was psyched to see the live band rock and almost fell out of my seat when I caught a glimpse of ONE black woman in the ranks of an almost WASPy band. AND…. get this!… She had a guitar in her hand! Not only did she have a guitar but she also sang and played a hand drum. I was so inspired! This was a different type of rock star! She had a steady job! Ha! I decided to look her up and found her website and read more about her. www.FeliciaCollins.com

As I continue to practice my own funky riffs and build precision and speed, I get to appreciate those who have paved road before me. Thanks, Felicia!

And now this! It’s not shredding buy some really soulful and fab acoustic work by Felicia while accompanying Nona Hendrix in NYC.

And to see some of her solo skills, check this.


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